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Rapid Prototyping FAQs

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Rapid prototyping can provide you valuable information about your part before you send it into production. Here are a few of the common questions we get about our rapid prototyping process.

What is rapid prototyping?

Many manufacturing use rapid prototyping as the first step in their fabrication process. Rapid prototyping teaches you how your component performs and what changes are required before you bring a part to market or use it in the field.

What types of projects is rapid prototyping suitable for?

With the right process, rapid prototyping is suitable for a wide range of projects. At In’Tech, we use different 3D printing processes to accommodate a variety of parts. Stereolithography, or SLA, is a rapid process ideal for rapid prototyping of precise parts, such as medical and dental projects. Our Figure 4® 3D printing capabilities offer same-day prototyping for concept models, plastic parts, jigs, fixtures, and other components.

How many steps are in In’Tech’s rapid prototyping process?

There are three steps in our rapid prototyping process. First, fill out our quote form, which is designed to be comprehensive. We also ask you to upload your design file with your quote form. Once we receive your request for a quote, we’ll review your submission and contact you with our quote. After you accept it, we send your file to production. When your part passes our rigorous quality checks, we send your prototype to you for testing in the field.

How long does the rapid prototyping process take?

While some rapid prototyping projects can take just a few hours, most take a few days. Sharing accurate, thorough information with the In’Tech team can expedite the prototyping process.

Why can I trust In’Tech with my rapid prototyping project?

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