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About us: In'Tech Industries, Inc.

”We enhance quality of life by designing and manufacturing high quality innovative products”

Get to know In'Tech Industries, Inc. Our History. Our Capabilities.

That's right, over half of a century has passed since we first opened our doors for business.   In the early years, we were known as NAR Industries, a Tooling and Manufacturing company specializing in plastic injection molds.  In 1990 we formed In'Tech, a subsidiary company to NAR Industries.  In'Tech's focus was to meet the needs of the Hearing Aid Industry.   Then, in 1998 we reorganized and merged NAR Industries and In'Tech to form what we now know as, In'Tech Industries Incorporated.   The foundation of our long history comes from a culture that puts the customer at the forefront of everything we do. 

We got our start in 1967, over fifty years ago...

...And we've grown tremendously over the past five decades.


7180 Sunwood Drive NW

Ramsey, Minnesota 55303

  • Office and Production

  • 64,000 Square Foot Facility

  • Divisions Include: 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Engineering, Tooling, Injection Molding, Dental,  and Hearing

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