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In'Tech Industries is a leading supplier of miniature plastic Hearing Aid
Component parts for Hearing Aid Manufacturers throughout the world.


Hearing Aid Components

In’Tech manufactures and maintains an inventory of Faceplates, Battery Doors, Battery Boots, BTE Components, Ear molds, Ear Shells, and Accessories for use by Hearing Aid Manufacturers around the world. Each is available in a variety of colors, sizes and configurations to meet your needs.

The common factor in all of our products is quality. The key to quality Hearing Aid components is precise manufacturing with obsessive quality assurance. Every component shipped by In’Tech Industries meets 100% of your design criteria and quality requirements.

Preview our wide line of standard products and options in appropriate link for more detailed information.

Hearing Aid Accessories

In’Tech manufactures many accessories used both by Hearing Aid Manufacturers and Dispensers. Volume Control Plugs, Closing Clamps and other adjustment tools are just a few accessories design to make assembly and re-working Hearing Aids easier while Vent Plugs Windscreens and Mic Hoods give Dispensers the tools they need to enhance the effectiveness of the Hearing Aid so that the end users get the most from your products.

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