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In’Tech manufactures many accessories used both by Hearing Aid
Manufacturers and Dispensers. Volume Control Plugs, Closing Clamps
and other adjustment tools are just a few accessories design to make
assembly and re-working Hearing Aids easier while Vent Plugs
Windscreens and Mic Hoods give Dispensers the tools they need
to enhance the effectiveness of the Hearing Aid so that the end
users get the most from your products.
• Simple, fast & easy replacement of earmold tubes.
• Tube swivels to provide best cosmetics & comfort for your patients
• No glues, drills or other tools needed to replace earmold tubes
The higher fit rate for narrow ear canals – fewer phone calls to make
• No complaints of tubes glued at wrong angles
• Maintains same acoustic response as standard earmold tubing
• Same cosmetics as standard earmold tubing–no bulky CFA connector
The long life of connector inside earmold ensures trouble-free operation          
• No embarrassing moments due to broken earmolds from drilling damage!
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