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In’Tech Industries is a leading supplier of high precision, high quality SLA® Parts.  In’Tech SLA® lab utilizes 3D Systems Viper Si and the state of the art large frame iPro™ SLA® systems.  In’Tech is a leading supplier of rapid prototyping / rapid manufactured components covering a broad spectrum of clients in both the medical and industrial fields.  Our Virtual Translation Manufacturing (VTM) laboratory is one of the largest clean room based operations in the country.  With our wide selection of SLA® material options, like the durable epoxy based resins, high temperature resins and ISO 10993 biocompatible/medical grade materials.  Our iPro™ SLA® systems offer building parts approaching 29” x 25” x 20” in size while affording opportunities to build massive quantities of smaller components with one of the highest SLA build speeds within the industry, all while maintaining exacting tolerances rivaling the best accuracies available within the industry.


In’Tech has been an early pioneer of bio-compatible “Resins” for direct skin contact applications. ISO 10993 Full animal studies on file and USP Class VI (Compatibility). We manage a wide selection of material options and colors, covering the range of “ABS” and “Polycarbonate” like materials in addition to a High temperature Resin. No matter what your needs are our resins covers the range of all Industry applications such as: Automotive, Wind tunnel testing, Aerospace, Consumer products, Packaging, Electronics, Architecture, Medical, Entertainment & Animation and Government Research.
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