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Overmolding is a type of injection molding which uses two or more materials to form one final component comprised of each material. Each material used may have different properties such as color, rigidity, heat sensitivity, and many others. The materials in the end product are chemically bonded which creates a robust product. Overmolding can increase the functionality and performance of a part while reducing production overhead to create a cost competitive product.
Overmolding is when a material being is molded over a second material.
The base layer is molded first and the additional plastic layer(s) are molded over and around the original part-resulting in a single, finished product.
To avoid plastic molding defects like distortion, gaps and stress fractures, mold must be meticulously designed and the overmolding process must be performed with utmost precision
Whether you are using metal or plastic resins, proper material selection is critical to ensure material bond together chemically and mechanically without experiencing molding defects like melt or distortion.
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