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High-Precision Machining for Micro Tolerances

Machining micro parts or parts that require tight tolerances takes skill, expertise, and the appropriate high-precision machining equipment. At In’Tech, we have the know-how, experience, and machinery to produce high-quality micro parts with the tightest tolerances. Get to know our high-precision machining capabilities.

In’Tech High-Precision Machining Capabilities

At In’Tech, we have invested in state-of-the-art precision machining equipment to ensure we can tackle any micro part or tolerance you require.

Our Swiss machining capabilities include:

·         Micro tolerances

·         Precision deep-hole drilled Swiss screw

·         Complex geometry and large-diameter Swiss screw

·         Slotted and crimped Swiss screw

Our non-Swiss high-precision machining capabilities include:

·         Complex geometry and large-diameter screw

·         Gear hobbing

·         Polygon milling

·         Thread milling

·         Internal thread-whirling

Our High-Precision Machining Materials

Our professional machining team members are experts at helping you select the appropriate material for your micro part. We can design and fabricate parts in a range of metals, including stainless steels, nickel and nickel alloys, titanium, aluminum, and carbon steels as well as precious metals, brass and copper alloys, and specialty alloys.

Surface Treatments for Micro Parts

Once your micro parts are machined, In’Tech can finish the job with the ideal surface treatment. We are set up to polish, plate, or anodize any part, whether you require electro polishing, electroless nickel plating, black oxide, or passivation of your parts. Whatever surface finishing your part requires, In’Tech can deliver.

In’Tech Industries can be your trusted partner for high-precision machining, including Swiss screw machining. To work with the experts in tight tolerances and micro parts, start your quote with the In’Tech team today.


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