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10 Advantages of Swiss Screw Machining for Precision Parts

At In’Tech, we’re in the business of finding solutions for complex parts. Swiss screw machining is just one way we help manufacturers achieve precise parts, even when these parts are complex and require tight tolerances. Here are 10 benefits of Swiss screw machining and why it may be a good solution for your part project.

1. High Precision & Tight Tolerances for Swiss Screw Machining

Swiss screw machining, sometimes called Swiss turning, is a process that is capable of achieving extremely tight tolerances on parts. How extreme? Swiss screw machining can be within just a few micrometers. This makes Swiss machining an ideal fabrication choice for highly precise components, such as those required in medical devices or aerospace equipment.

2. Complex Geometry

Threads, knurling, intricate contours, Swiss screw machining can tackle all of these complex geometries and more. Often, the geometries can be achieved in a single operation, increasing the efficiency of our precision machining service and saving you time and money on your parts with intricate features.

3. Efficiency & Speed

Not only is Swiss screw machining an efficient way to produce complex parts, it is extremely efficient at high-volume production runs. This is because our Swiss screw machines operate at high speeds, reducing production time and getting your parts to you faster.

4. Minimal Deflection

Swiss screw machines minimize deflection (aka the bending of the tool) by keeping the part very close to the cutting tool. By minimizing deflection, In’Tech’s Swiss machining team can ensure more accurate fabrication, especially of long, slender parts.

5. Material Versatility

Metals, plastics, composites—Swiss screw machining can handle a wide variety of materials. We may recommend this type of machining for parts made of stainless steel, aluminum, and brass as well as plastic parts, parts made of composite, or a combination.

6. Simultaneous Machining

With multiple spindles and tool holders, our Swiss tooling machines can work on different areas of a single part simultaneously. This helps the In’Tech team be more efficient and productive, often completing your complex part in a single setup. 

7. Reduced Secondary Operations

Because they can handle multiple operations at once, our Swiss screw machines often reduce the amount of secondary operations your part requires, such as grinding and polishing. This saves you time and money in the parts manufacturing process.

8. Consistency and Repeatability

Because the Swiss screw machining process is automated and precise, it produces consistent parts, even across large production batches. Once set up, we can run hundreds or thousands of parts to your exact specifications without losing quality.

9. Reduced Material Waste

Other machining processes result in lots of material waste. Because it is so precise and efficient, our Swiss screw machining service has minimal waste, which translates into cost savings for you and more sustainable use of materials for us.

10. Cost-Effective for Small and Medium Parts

Why do we often recommend Swiss screw machining for parts for use in medical devices, electronics, and autos? Because the process is particularly cost-effective for large runs of small or medium-sized parts, just like the ones found in these devices.

Swiss screw machining can be a cost-effective, efficient solution for your parts that require tight tolerances and high precision. For more information or to request a quote on your project, contact In’Tech today.   

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